Google Devalues Backlink Ranking

New Study Shows Sharp Decline of Backlink Weight in Google Ranking Factors

In a recently released study a new look at of Google rating aspect it turned into a discovery that oneway backlinks nonetheless still remain a small part of the algorithm, however they may be now just one among many contributing elements and now not the using force pushing webpages to the pinnacle of Google’s ranking score.

A number of the most crucial findings found out that content material relevance and person intent; consumer alerts from Google?S own product set; technical and architectural factors; and back-links. But hold on, some of the conclusions will marvel you.

Rank brain Google’s Makes Some SEO Practices Obsolete

In 20015 Google announced the use of Rank brain which is an is an artificial intelligence system. It’s far believed to find even the pages that don’t have the exact key phrases cited within the search query.

This is going to reveal that there are now different factors that determine relevance for SERP, making the traditional ones together with key-word density and linking quite previous. Here are four such seo practices which will soon be a thing of the past.

Fake News and Gaming Google

Blackhat SEO Techniques to Game Google Backlinks

Companies that walk the edge of Blackhat and Whitehat SEO techniques often find success in the Google search results but it can usually be short lived once Google finds out. Once labeled Blackhat by Google there is often penalty or blacklist potential depending on the offense.

One of the new media concepts created as a result of the 2016 US Presidential election is the skyrocketing out pour of fake news sites and stories that have been popping up all over the internet.

There are many reasons for the phenomenon, and the why and how someone would benefit from creating fake news. The main reason could boil down for the control of web traffic and the possibility of earning income from the fake news as in Google ads.

Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook Look to Combat Fake News

Some in the industry have begun to take action against fake new such as Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook who has recently started analyzing how to greater quickly flag false records unfold on its platform, but COO Sheryl Sandberg said on Thursday that the organization does no longer see evidence that fake news encouraged the election.

Germany May Fine Facebook up to $500,000 for Fake News Posts

Late last week, Thomas Oppermann, Chairman of the German Social Democratic Party.

Fake information and hate speech are unluckily unavoidable on social media, but that would change quickly… In Germany, anyway.

proposed a stringent regulation supposed to keep companies like Facebook responsible while fake news makes the rounds. As pronounced the plan would require Facebook to actively fight fake information all day, normal.

Here’s the captivating bit: if a fake news item pops up and Facebook cannot cope with it within 24 hours, it might be as high as $522,575 for every submit left untouched.