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In 2004 we launched the SearchMonster website directory, its was our first our first attempt to helping small business with gaining traffic and higher search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The directory was highly successful from 2005 through 2008 helping thousands of website’s promote and grow their online presence.

In 2008 Google changed the value of online directories due to the large number of fake directories and link farms that started popping up that were mainly SEO blackhat fronts.

We knew we had to adapt and change the focus of SearchMonster if we wanted to succeed. Today we continue to be a popular and powerful tool used by over 30,000 websites.

Now our main focus is to help small businesses promote their products and services, grow their social media followers and build solid backlinks and partnerships with companies in other complementary industries.

Since 2004, SearchMonster has helped promote local small businesses.

Your listing will be instantly visible to millions of potential customers online. Now you can drive targeted customer local leads right to your business with our new Storefront listings.

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SearchMonster is more than just a Web Directory, its a community to help local small businesses like your’s promote their products, services, coupons and special offers in their area.

Connect with other members exchange social media, links and build your overall online presence fast!

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The most powerful web directory connecting small business and customers using our unique promotion engine. Promote Your local products, services, coupons and specials.

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